Young Legislators Accountability Project was launched today in Abuja, Nigeria. The Young Legislators Accountability Project is an initiative of Young Initiative for Advocacy, Growth & Advancement (YIAGA) and the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) designed to enhance legislative accountability through effective citizen’s participation while building a cohesive young legislators hub for political mentorship, peer learning and capacity development.

The project is anchored on four pillars namely; Legislative support, Legislative accountability, political mentorship and citizens participations.

In his opening remark, the Head of Research, Policy & Advocacy of   Young Initiative for Advocacy, Growth & Advancement (YIAGA), Itodo Samson, he said that the objective of the project is to build a new generation of National leaders; build a forum to counter sad governance in Nigeria; give students and youths the opportunity to interact with legislator and finally the project will help the legislators to deliver their campaign promises.

Goodwill messages came from the partner of the project; Ms Clara Barnet; Bella Ndubisi of the US Embassy and Mr. Okechukwu who stood in for the Speaker of the Nigerian Youth Parliament.

In his remarks,    Hon. Ralph Igbokwe, Chair, IPU Forum for Young Parliamentarians (IPU-FYP) states that the IPU-FYP was ready to collaborate with other key stakeholders in increasing youth participation in governance.

He called on youth organisations especially the Nigerian Youth Parliament to take advantage of the Constitution Review coming up to make input in the review especially on age reduction for you to be voted into the National Assembly.


His is own remarks, Eze Nwagwu, said there is need for accountability through citizens-leadership engagement. He also called for reduction of age in contesting for legislative position. He also advised the youths against engaging in violence before, during and after election.

The overall aims of the project are:

  • Bridge the gap between the elected representatives and its constituents;
  • Facilitate constituency interactions between the legislators and constituents on regular basis to exchange ideas and fulfil representational roles;
  • Provide technical assistance where necessary for the young legislators;
  • Increase the number of young legislators in the National Assembly and State assemblies;
  • The commitment of the National Assembly leadership to open governance, youth development and citizen’s participation.